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Hampton Classic Shines For Its 42nd Season

Submitted by on September 19, 2017 – 1:23 pmNo Comment

Daniel Bluman on Ladriano Z  Copyright Shawn McMillen Photography

You might say the Hampton Classic is the “tail” of two cities. You have the glamour of the VIP tent with floral bouquets and well-heeled guests enjoying Simple gluten free vodka watching the top show jumpers in the world, then you have little ones in short stirrups and riders with special needs showing amazing courage and the power horses have to give a leg up to everyone.

You see Brianne Goutal winning second in the grand prix aboard her fine steed Nice De Prissey then being an Equus Foundation ambassador to help homeless horses.

Brianne Goutal on Nice de Prissey
Copyright Shawn McMillen Photography 

With 200 classes, six rings, 70 vendors in the boutique garden, live music and even Jimmy Fallon stopping by to catch some jumping action, the Hampton Classic is the end of summer sporting and social destination.

And with the Hamptons in full glory with bountiful farm stands, broad beaches, stunning vineyards, and sailboats galore, it is a huge draw to riders from all over the world. Shane Sweetnam who won the $50,000 Longines Cup on his horse Main Road commented, “I love the Hamptons. They have the best restaurants. I think I’ve gained 10 pounds.”

Daniel Bluman with Tom and Jeanne Tisbo of SOVARO and Shanette Barth-Cohen, Copyright The BOOK LLC

You can’t help but root for the charismatic Daniel Bluman who had three major wins including the $300,000 Hampton Classic Grand Prix presented by SOVARO on Ladriano Z. He noted, “It’s been a great week.  My sponsors are here and my family is here and it’s even my mother’s birthday.” And despite the competition there is a real camaraderie which comes through between these riders.

Mclain Ward, Daniel Bluman, Brianne Goutal

Daniel sat next to Mclain Ward who had come in 3rd commenting, “I’ve been living in his cottage on his farm.  He has given me super powers this week and shared his knowledge.” He joked he wasn’t sure now that he beat Mclain if he would be asked back.

The Hampton Classic has a lot of heart, embracing riders of all levels.  Their finals for the Long Island Riders With Disabilities allows these competitors to compete on the same grounds as their Olympic and World Champion heroes. For children and adults with special needs, horses provide a way for them to learn confidence, trust, and physical and emotional connections, tapping into the unique healing power of these animals.  Tyler Armak, 15, of Long Beach, NY took top honors this year.

Copyright Shawn McMillen Photography

Shanette Barth-Cohen, Hampton Classic executive director, said “The Hampton Classic is honored to host the LIHSSRD series finals. This is truly one of my favorite days at the Classic each year. These riders are an outstanding example of meeting a challenge head-on, and working to achieve a goal. We thank Katie McGowan and everyone associated with the series for working with us and we thank Bridgehampton National Bank for their support of this wonderful day.”

Animal Adoption Day is another popular spot in the week where the Classic works with the local rescue centers to help find happy homes for dogs, cats, and horses. Brianne Goutal found herself enamored with a mini pony she named Mickey Blue Eyes and decided to adopt him to come to her farm and be a great addition to her family alongside her 8-month-old daughter.


Georgina Bloomberg who also tirelessly works for animal rescues commented, “Today is about giving back to horses that aren’t as lucky as the ones you will see competing here this week.”

The overall feeling is one of old and new friends coming together.  “See you at the Classic,” is the catch phrase on the circuit where everyone knows in the leisurely setting there’s time to be a fierce competitor and a laid back tourist. It was the best of times, and only the worst of times if you got stuck in the traffic.

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