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Susan Rockefeller’s Dive Deep Jewelry Line – A Sparkling Love Letter To The Sea

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Susan Rockefeller

Always a creative and positive force, Susan Rockefeller is a documentary filmmaker, author, jewelry designer and avid conservationist. Her lifelong admiration and respect for the seas led her to get involved in ocean protection.  That passion now translates into her new Dive Deep jewelry line carried by London Jewelers in East Hampton and Southampton which is sure to inspire your inner mermaid.  HipHamptons dives in to learn more about her inspiration:

Susan rockefeller jewelry

You are a true renaissance woman: filmmaker, philanthropist, jewelry maker and a bit of a mermaid.  What is the passion that drives all of your interests?

My passion stems from a deep-seated gratitude for what the natural world has to offer. As a mother, and an avid nature lover, I wake up every morning by reading a quote from, and live by the motto “Protect What is Precious.” While my work raises awareness for issues impacting both our environment and our society, my larger goal is not only to spread knowledge, but also to share my love for family, art and nature, and to instill a genuine appreciation for these values within my audience. I believe that if I can teach people to truly appreciate the wonders of the world, fighting to protect them will follow more naturally.Susan Rockefeller jewelry

How did you come up with the designs for your new jewelry line and where do you source your materials?

My new fine jewelry collection “Dive Deep” is inspired by the mysteries of our waters.  I remember as a child looking out into the ocean with a sense of wonder, and even now, as an adult this feeling is still alive in me. I want to help women understand the beauty of as well as the threats to our ocean using my films, blogs, jewelry and work as a board member of Oceana.

Susan Rockefeller jewelry

The Dive Deep Collection has components of Honora Ming naturally colored iridescent pearls, diamonds, white topaz, pink tourmalines and statement pieces in the form of our brand symbol, the Mermaid. It’s intended to start a conversation about our oceans, re-ignite  a sense of wonder, and remind people to “Protect What is Precious,” in their lives.

The materials used to create my jewelry are certified through the jewelry vigilance committee. I’m continually researching recycled materials, and making sure that the companies we work with are as environmentally responsible in their manufacturing processes as possible.

Susan Rockefeller jewelry

While wearing white becomes a small sin after Labor Day, jewelry morphs to fit all seasons.  What are some of your favorite pairings of your jewels with late summer to fall fashion?

I love the Ming pearl Tin Cup necklace where you can add different charms that appeal to you. I also love my Ming pearl stretch bracelet and accompanying dangle earrings which work in any season. They are classic and a reminder of our connection to our seas.

Susan Rockefeller jewelry

What are price points on your line for those looking for an affordable delight to an absolute indulgence?

Price points range from $190 for an elegant sterling silver Ming Pearl drop earring to just below $17,000 for a beautifully sculpted 14K gold and diamond mermaid bangle. You can go to and see some of the options available.

Your documentaries have been shown in the Hamptons to appreciative audiences.  What film projects are next for you?

I’m currently wrapping up my latest documentary, “Food For Thought. Food For Life,” (FFTFFL) which is an extension of my film work on food security.  Mission of Mermaids was a poetic ode and love letter to our oceans and FFTFFL looks at the many challenges as well as exciting opportunities facing chefs, farmers and breeders. It helps the general population to understand agriculture. How our food system impacts our climate and our health. The film is set to premier this Fall in Shanghai!

The ocean seems to be a real draw for you.  How do you think we can best protect this beautiful resource moving forward?

We all can get involved by joining local organizations or a global organization such as Oceana. You can sign up for free as a Wave Maker and receive weekly updates on our work. You can also support our many campaigns to save the oceans and help to feed the world by donating to Oceana’s vital efforts.

We need to educate ourselves, become aware of our choices, start conversations, and encourage individual action.  Readers can take advantage of documentaries like Mission of Mermaids, found on my website, that in fifteen minutes provides critical insight into why oceans are so vital to our personal health and our planet’s health.

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