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Conversation With Tamara Comolli Fine Jewelry Designer

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Tamara Comolli

Tamara Comolli makes life sparkle with her gorgeous line of fine jewelry.  At her store on Main Street in Southampton you will find beautiful baubles in a variety of price ranges as well as bejeweled flip flops and the chicest iPad cover around.  Here’s a HipHamptons conversation with this in demand Hamptons jewelry designer who has fans all over the globe.

Tamara Camalli

What is your signature jewelry style and how does that relate to the lifestyle of the modern woman?

When first launching my jewelry collections, I noticed too many women jumping on the bandwagon of popular trends, and making purchases based on what was considered the latest style rather than choosing pieces that would reflect their individual tastes and complement their own natural beauty. Offering a wide array of color stories in an endless world of gemstones, my jewelry is composed of the highest quality materials in designs that are both elegant, and easy to wear. Embodying a sense of understated luxury, our collections are versatile and ever expanding. Rather than playing into passing trends, Tamara Comolli Fine Jewelry allows women to refine their own personal style, and create a lasting look with the ability to add new pieces without eliminating the old styles they love.

Tamara Comolli

What is the must have item for the Hamptons summer?

During cold evenings and sometimes even late summer days when it gets windy, I live in my cashmere piece from Shari’ s. It’s so cuddly and cool looking, I love it! It’s perfect for travel as well, especially during my long plane trips from Europe to the Hamptons or Palm Beach!

Tamara Comolli

What is the price range of your collection?

Our collections range from 200$ for our everyday essentials up to approximately $49,000.00 for rarer pieces such as our Iconic Flamenco Bracelet.

Where do you find your gemstones and what inspires your designs?

I strive to work with only the rarest and finest quality gemstones found in nature, and source my gemstones from all over the world, ranging from Ocean Jasper from Madagascar to Paraiba Tourmalines from Mozambique. Many of the stones are sourced in Africa, Madagascar, India, Australia, spanning into the Middle East and China… Indonesia and more…

Tamara Comolli

I find a lot of inspiration for my designs and color stories from nature and from my travels. My trips to the gem mines have been a particularly great source of inspiration for me and have given me a sense of security in regards to a steady supply of new and untouched gems ex: my Ocean Jasper and Wood pieces combined with 18K.

Tamara Comolli flip flops

Your store in Southampton has other great beachy items.  What other lines do you carry?

In addition to our jewelry, our high end flip-flops in beachy summer colors, accented with a small sparkling charm to “beglitz” the toes, have been a great success amongst our Hamptons clients. We also carry Ligne St Barths natural skincare products that are a must-have for a supple summer body, with their wonderful natural oils, peelings and pure scent.

How do you like to enjoy the Hamptons?

I love to get up early and walk the beach with a hot coffee and a croissant from Pierre’ s, even if it takes me a while to get organized first. Even on hazy days, having some peaceful time in the mornings allows me to get fresh start for the day. After the beach, I head to my store and redecorate so that frequent customers can always find a new little surprise in the display. During the afternoons I can never resist going across the street for the best cappuccino in the Hamptons at Sant Ambroeus.

Evenings, we typically stay home and cook. However, during my longer stays, I like to try or at least check out all the restaurants in the area. I love Tutto’ s and the Tuscan House for their great salads, and all of the restaurants in Bridgehampton as well!

Tamara Comolli Southampton Boutique 27 Main Street, Southampton 631 283 7600 www.tamaracomolli.com

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