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Grand Opening Skin By Veronica in New Southampton Location

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Veronica Taylor

Veronica Taylor celebrates the new Skin By Veronica location in Southampton Village at 67 Hampton Road.

Beautiful women of the Hamptons have a secret weapon – Veronica Taylor.  Celebrating 15 years as a top Hamptons esthetician, Veronica is the trusted source for youthful, glowing, radiant skin.  Her holistic training combined with cutting edge technology and new products draw a loyal following who want a natural look.

Veronica keeps at the top of the face game by advancing her professional education regarding bio-technological and pharmaceutical grade ingredients while adhering to holistic roots.  She has been published in fashion, professional and newspaper journals with local and celebrity clientele. In addition, she is trained to teach bio-technology in skin care to professionals around the country.

Skin by Veronica

In a relaxed setting, Veronica conducts an in-depth consultation with her clients to develop a personal beauty program with appropriate products to best suit each person’s needs (men don’t forget she can be your secret ally as well.)

Her treatments enhance dermatological services such as Botox, Restylane, Juvederm, Radiesse, Collagen and Laser for Capillaries and Brown Spot Removal and provide holistic alternatives. She has developed a network with top doctors such as Dr. Elliot Weiss, Dr. Anton and Dr. Peter Michalos.

Skin By Veronica new Southampton location

Skin By Veronica new Southampton location

Veronica’s vast experience helps clients discern fact from fiction in terms of fads and guides clients toward treatments that can take years off your appearance with minimal down time, giving you healthy, youthful skin.  With something as precious as your face, you need a trusted source to save you from the harsh realities of misleading treatments, competitive business marketing tactics and harmful ingredients. Veronica continuously updates her education, equipment and services.

Skin By Veronica

Make-up is another specialty of Veronica and her own Multiprotection sunscreen has become a popular treatment in enhancing beauty and controlling hyperpigmentation and wrinkles while providing superior coverage.

Skin-care is not just about beauty but about good health.  With skin cancers on the rise in an increasingly toxic environment, it is more important than ever to have a knowledgeable and experienced Para Medical Esthetician and Corrective Skin Care Specialist like Veronica.  She has studied under Dr. Louis Marx in California who specialized in holistic medicine and Chinese herbs as well as working for a board certified dermatologist and cancer Moh’s Surgeon for many years. Veronica’s experience also includes working as a Medical Esthetician, Histotech and Laser Hair Removal Technician.  She has a close network of board certified physicians that she refers clients to if necessary to ensure that their skin gets the proper treatment.

“I look forward to helping your skin look its best.”

Veronica Taylor

Veronica Taylor, BA, PME

Licensed Para Medical Esthetician and

Corrective Skin care Specialist

ITEC Graduate

For more information skinbyveronicataylor@gmail.com  631-332-7058.

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