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Top Hamptons Spas: Skin By Veronica – Being Healthy is Beautiful

Submitted by on July 10, 2012 – 11:45 am3 Comments
Veronica Taylor

Veronica Taylor

Grand Opening Of Skin By Veronica in its new location at 67 Hampton Road LL1 in Southampton Village.

Special Celebration August 23 from 4 – 7 with food by Mary’s Marvelous.

Hamptons women with beautiful skin have a secret weapon.  Veronica Taylor.  With Skin By Veronica, she approaches skin as your largest organ and guides clients not just in the topical treatment but from the inside out.  Her motto is, “Being healthy is beautiful.”  Veronica describes her approach as East meets West with the best from both worlds to create glowing, healthy skin.  As a paramedical aesthetician and an educator in the industry, she also has done the research to know what works and what doesn’t.  “I’m a translator from the biochemist to the consumer to tell the truth,” Veronica explains.

She is not only in the anti aging business but in the anti skin cancer business. She points out that a cream can’t help you if you’re toxic.  Veronica says, “We’re here on the planet and we have to take health care into our own hands.”  And when you are in her hands you are in very capable and caring hands.

She is truly invested in helping people.  And guys that includes you.  A large part of her clientele is men, and she has a special high tech male grooming.  Dudes you can get seriously addicted to looking good. You walk out glowing instead of red and irritated.

Best Hamptons Facial

Veronica has a number of effective tools in her best Hamptons facial beauty arsenal.  She uses the Carboxy Therapy which uses gel and a mask to raise the density of the CO2 in the area and promote the red blood cells to release O2 which improves blood circulation, prevents inflammation, and activates metabolism.  It is reported to help with pigmentation, acne, and wrinkles.  And your skin feels super moisturized.  Veronica also uses a stimulating Dr. J International Fire & Ice treatment, LED treatment, Sparkling C and Phyto Stem Cell treatment and has the most innovative organic and biotech products.

Oh yes, and she’s a whiz at eyebrows.

Veronica is a huge proponent of reading ingredients.  “Be conscious your skin is a sponge,” she advises.  “Everything from the shampoos to the baby wipes to the make-up you use is being absorbed.  Especially beware of sunscreen.  To use chemical spray sunscreens on kids with alcohol is like child abuse.  You are baking in the toxins.”  She advises everyone to carefully read labels and understand the ingredients to assure maximum protection with minimum harm.

When you see Veronica Taylor you get not only a treatment but an education.  She works privately out of an office in Southampton so no spa mob scene either.  Get ready to relax and be good to yourself.

Veronica Taylor,, 631-332-7058

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