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Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Thomas Hamptons Engagement – Top 5 Reasons I’m Happy For Them

Submitted by on April 3, 2012 – 2:59 pmNo Comment

Alec and Hilaria

Top Five Reasons I’m Glad Alec Baldwin is Engaged to Hilaria Thomas

Yeah Yoga!
Apparently the way to teach an old dog a new trick is “downward dog.”  Yoga instructors around the world will be cheering or maybe chanting for Hilaria Thomas who is newly engaged to Alec Baldwin.  He says not only does she have a nice asana but a positive effect on his own health to slim down and shape up.  Just wait until he can do camel pose.

A Hamptons Romance

Best yet we hear the proposal happened right here in the happily ever after you buy me a Porsche Hamptons.  The age difference of 54 to 28 may suggest a May/December romance but hey – the Hamptons is definitely a May to December destination.  We all know that January to April sucks.

Tell Me About The Rabbits Alec

Some movie stars are content to make millions off of fans funding their paychecks then pull a, “I vant to be alone” fast one.  Every time I have seen Alec Baldwin he has been friendly, engaging, and connected (I admit however I have never flown with him.)  Last time I saw him we had a very interesting conversation about rabbits and the Berlin Wall.

alec baldwin hamptons film festival

Generous Gent

Alec puts his money where his mouth is.  He contributed a quarter of a million dollars to his favorite cultural institutions like Guild Hall in East Hampton and the Hamptons International Film Festival.   Generosity is a gynormous turn on.  I hope he will fund Hilaria to spread her healthy yoga message around the world.

Don’t Make Me Pee … well okay

Alec (albeit often through Tina Fey) makes me laugh.  I hope he makes Hilaria laugh.  Humor is a key to a long and successful marriage – so I have heard.

Congrats Alec and Hilaria and hope it will be a Hamptons wedding.

P.S.  I am a totally kick ass, non-cellphone-in-yoga-class-photo-taking bridesmaid.

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