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The High Flying Holiday Gift – Hamptons Flight Lessons

Submitted by on December 18, 2011 – 8:51 amNo Comment
Hamptons Flying Lessons
So what is the perfect gift for the the guy or gal who seems to have it all?  An experience they won’t forget.  The Let’s Go Flying Program,, has set up nationwide opportunities for introductory flight lessons to get the experience of being your own pilot (with of course a seasoned instructor by your side.)  This gives whole new meaning to wingman. 
Here at the East Hampton Airport Sound Aircraft Services offers the opportunity for $185 and gives you an hour of personal air time.
Our reporter Jennifer Seidun took to the skies to check out the experience.   We know she’s been more nice than naughty this year so she deserved this super stocking stuffer.  Here’s her report.
“I arrived at EH airport, met my flight instructor Curtis and we headed out onto the tarmac together. The Cessna was waiting & prepped. Curtis took a few minutes to get me settled into the cockpit and gave me a brief introduction to some of the instrumentation I would be using during my first lesson.
Hamptons Flying Lessons
As we taxied the airplane to the runway, Curtis explained how the controls he was using affected the operation of our aircraft. I was able to follow along and mimic his movements. At the head of the runway, he powered up the prop and we were off to being airborne. The takeoff was an amazing rush and we quickly soared to 1000 + feet.
Hamptons Flying Lessons
At that point Curtis looked at me and said “Where would you like to go”? My suggestion was Sag Harbor and he replied, “Take us there.” I took control of the yoke and off we went. I was free to follow the shoreline, dip, climb and bank. My instructor took care of other important details like trimming the plane to keep us level.
Hamptons Flying Lessons
There’s so much to see I could have spent hours soaring through the skies. We flew to Shelter Island, then over to Greenport and next to Gardiner’s Island. With Gardiner’s Island being private, I felt like a little spy in the sky as I caught my first glimpses of the houses and other buildings I’d never before seen. We were soon flying over the bay and Curtis suggested we head to Ammagansett.
With an airspeed of over 100 knots, or roughly a ground speed of 120 MPH, we were there in no time at all. We cruised west along the shoreline and took in the sights of the oceanfront mansions and estates. We spun around at Georgica Beach and headed for the village of East Hampton. Flying over the town and seeing Route 27, I could feel how addictive it could become to be a pilot in my own plane and never sit in that summertime traffic again.
Hamptons Flying Lessons
During our flight Curtis filled me in on some of the history of flying & the lineage of our aircraft as well as continuing to offer me instruction. There’s such a peace while flying. With an instructor as seemingly calm and unflappable as Curtis, never at any point did I feel unsafe despite the fact that this was my first time flying an aircraft. My confident instructor even allowed me to guide our plane in for the landing and as we touched down smoothly and taxied back to the airport, I hoped I would be doing this again very soon.”

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