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Hamptons Healing this weekend at wellNEST in Sag Harbor

Submitted by on August 6, 2011 – 8:52 amOne Comment

wellNEST Studio Sag Harbor

wellNEST Studio Sag Harbor

This Saturday, August 6th 4-6pm wellNEST Studio welcomes Terri Cole and her “Live Fearless and Free” campaign!  

Terri is a life coach, psycho-therapist, natural comedienne,  an original member of the Kris Carr- Crazy Sexy Posse- co-authoring Crazy Sexy books, VH1 TV host, and won her own battle with cancer.  This will be a fun 2 hour event of motivation, movement, getting you out of your own way, and revamping your blue print of getting your life moving forward NOW.  Terri will be joined by health and wellness guru Latham Thomas. Tickets are $25. To reserve a space contact danielle@wellnest.com or call 631-899-4270.  (See below for more info on Terri’s campaign)



This Sunday, August 7th, 7:30pm @ wellNEST Studio Dr.Paul Canali, founder of The Evolutionary Healing Institute, as he lectures on his profound Unified Healing method.  They will be scheduling private sessions w/Dr. Canali throughout the week.  Dr. Canali will be spending the week  holding private healing sessions Sun, 8/7,  Wed,8/10- Sat, 8/13 @ WellNEST. He will be in NYC at The Ash Center for Comprehensive Medicine on Monday, 8/8.  Dr. Canali will be hosting a secondary lecture Thursday, August 11th at 7pm @ wellNEST Studio. Dr.Canali’s work features cutting edge, scientific approaches to releasing pain and trauma in the body.  His work has provided dramatic relief to war veterans, those suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, physical injuries, emotional trauma, weight loss, etc. He creates transformation and release on a whole new level. Please watch this video clip to find out more:




Lectures are $25.  Private appointments with Dr. Canali are $300.  To book contact danielle@wellnest.com or call 631-899-4270.



Live Fearless and Free

Live Fearless and Free was born out of my many years as a life coach and licensed psychotherapist in New York City.  After seeing the same issues over and over again with my clients, I started keeping a journal of interventions and actions that actually produce sustainable change and concrete results.  This research has become the foundation for the Live Fearless and Free movement.

I believe you have everything you need right this minute to create the life of your dreams.  By learning the importance of:

  • ·         Kicking the Crap out of Your Mafia Mind!
  • ·         Tapping into the AMAZING Power of Your Intention!
  • ·         Creating Your Blue Print for Daily Living.

I have witnessed clients become liberated and transform their lives with ease.

8 Keys to Unlocking the Life of Your Dreams with Ease:

1. Fear IS a Four Letter Word
Learn techniques to control your fear mind.

2. A Fearless Inventory
Take a fearless inventory in all areas of your life.

3. Flip Your Script
Become mindful of your inner dialogue and learn to change deeply held negative beliefs.

4. Dare to Declare
Boldly declare what you are creating in all areas of your life. Whooooo Hooooo!

5. Life in Balance
When you are in balance your abundance flows with ease.

6. Zen Den
Create your personal Zen Den.  Everyone needs one!

7. Flip Over and Float
Learn how to STOP swimming upstream, since it is the wrong direction and a ton of unnecessary work!

8. Gratitude in Motion
The fastest way to create your own happiness is to give it to others.

I am honored to be a witness and catalyst for transformation from Living to Living Fearless and Free!

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