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Making Waves – Oceana’s Hamptons Splash Party

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 Oceana Hamptons Splash

By Heather Buchanan

You’ll never look at your tuna tartare in the same way again.

Ted Danson headlined the Hamptons Splash Party to benefit Oceana this Saturday July 30.  Guests enjoyed a lovely soiree at the luxurious oceanfront home of Margie and Michael Loeb.  With a starlit night where romantic couples could wander to our world class beaches and gaze at the Atlantic it was more apparent than ever how important it is to support Oceana which works to protect the world’s oceans.  As the sun went down the Honey Brothers got the dance floor rocking with Oceana ambassador Adrian Grenier.

Adrian Grenier and the Honey Brothers with Ted Danson

Adrian Grenier and the Honey Brothers with Ted Danson

Along with the beautiful view, sponsor Lily Pultizer added splashes of color with artists painting Pulitzer inspired canvases poolside for guests to bid on.

Lily Pulitzer inspired painting


The question of the night at the benefit was “Can You Name That Fish?”  Guests picked from two trays to taste which was the real Atlantic Cod.  Bait and switch is apparently rampant in the seafood industry.  Did you realize your seafood might be mislabeled as often as 25 to 70% of the time?  Aside from paying a premium price for a bottom feeder fish, Oceana points out, “With widespread mislabeling of fish species, legitimate businesses are losing hard-earned profits and consumers are prevented from making eco-friendly choices.”  They even put out a pocket guide of which fish species are the best choices, good alternatives, and ones to avoid in terms of caught or farmed in environmentally friendly ways.

The commercial fishing industry is vital part of Hamptons’ history and for anyone who has read Peter Matthiessen’s powerful book Men’s Lives,” you would see a future foretold in Oceana’s research.

Jessica Champness, Nicole McElory, Lianne Alcon

Jessica Champness, Nicole McElory, Lianne Alcon

Andrew Sharpless CEO of Oceana states the bad news and the good news.  “Scientific indicators of ocean health point in the wrong direction.  The annual global catch of wild fish has been declining since the late 1980’s after steadily rising through all prior human history.  Three-quarters of all commercial fisheries are overfished or fully finished according to the United Nation’s FAO.  The good news is that today thanks to the support of Oceana and its supporters we have a record of more than two dozen important policy victories that are helping to restore abundant oceans.”

Ted Danson at Oceana's Hamptons Splash

Ted Danson at Oceana's Hamptons Splash

Ted Danson is a major activist for Oceana and co-wrote a book with journalist Michael D’Orso published by Rodale, “Oceana: Our Endangered Oceans and What We Can Do To Save Them.”

In Oceana’s newsletter, Danson admits that he was consumed with self-interest until his mid thirties at the height of his success on Cheers, “I knew that I needed to do something constructive with all that energy before it really screwed me up.  I needed to focus it on something outside of myself.  That something, it turned out, became the ocean.”

He describes his inspiration for the book, “I strongly believe that science and spirituality go hand in hand, and any conversation we have about the environment has to take both into account.  Unless all our actions to save the oceans are based on science, we will end up doing more harm than good.  And unless we acknowledge our spiritual connectedness to one another and to this planet we live on – unless we realize that almost everything each of us does has an impact on somebody else – we may never rise above our self-interests in order to gather the collective forces we need to face the environmental challenges that now surround us.”

The benefit also raised money through the silent auction with everything from shopping to golf to vacation to beauty and fashion items.  A few of our favorites:   a special Breakfast at Tiffany’s (so going to get out my long black gloves), the Lily Pulitzer Pretty In Pink Private Shopping Event (loving the new sexy sophisticated look of the line), and the Stay Beautiful package of La Mer Products.  Did you know that Maureen Case the president of luxury cosmetic brands, La Mer, Jo Malone and Bobbi Brown is a longtime supporter of Oceana?

Case says in their newsletter, “I strongly believe that corporations should be socially conscious and give back in a meaningful way.”  Obviously La Mer has a connection with the ocean not only in its name but in its ingredients.  Case explains, “La Mer scientists work with biological and conservation organizations that research marine life to discover sea plants that have beneficial properties for the skin.  It is because of our connection to the sea in this way that we support marine habitat protection.”

From the beaches we walk on to the fish we eat to the wrinkle prevention cream we use – it is indeed, as Danson says, all connected.

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