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Hamptons Healing – wellNEST Studio opens in Sag Harbor

Submitted by on June 16, 2011 – 9:54 pm90 Comments

wellnest studio 

Photos courtesy of wellNEST Studio

A new healing center, the wellNEST Studio arrives in Sag Harbor, opening new paths for those looking for inner peace, physical balance and optimal health on a soul-ullar level.  Offering everything from yoga to meditation to alchemical arts and medicinal oil and healing, the new bright white studio at 51 Division Street complements the 125 Main Street boutique.

Richard Ash MD and Rachel Paletsky opened WellNEST as a source for eco-friendly household items and accessories as well as quality organic food and vitamins.  The Studio was a natural expansion to continue the natural healing environment, and they tapped Maureen Dodd to come into help them nest the Studio with herself and other teachers for diverse classes.



Maureen Dodd the Bhakti Yoga instructor and Healing Arts Director explains that spiritual transformation is an “inside job.”  The temple is not without but instead within.  With a background in dance, health care, yoga instruction and an international study in the healing arts, she brings a fresh approach to those who are looking for overall vitality be it physical, creative, emotional or spiritual, noting how all of those elements are interconnected.  And she adds, “I make it fun.”  Her Bhakti Yoga class which is an expression of devotion combines traditional yoga, dance movement, breathing exercises, and meditation accompanied by some amazing essential oils (which you can also purchase.)  You don’t even remember the traffic, crowds, or sad state of your pedicure.

“Many people hit a detour in life whether it’s a divorce or illness or being fired,” Maureen explains, “They’re wondering how to shift be it physically, emotionally or spiritually.  We wanted to create a sacred space here so people can explore that transformational process.  Peace is the magical underneath the mundane.”  Maureen also works with clients individually in one on one sessions.

wellnest studio 2


The open door policy encourages experienced yogis and newcomers alike with small classes and individual attention from instructors.  Classes range from different forms of yoga and pilates, to transformational healing circles, Sangha drumming, and an introduction to Buddhist meditation.

Alchemy and the chance for transformation are metaphorical and literal.  Owner Dr. Richard Ash with his popular radio show, Sick and Tired of being Sick and Tired is an internal medicine specialist with a philosophy of treating the body as a whole, digging deeper into causes of illness such as environment, food and chemical sensitivity, digestion and absorption, stress, and acid-alkaline balance.  His unique line of vitamin and mineral supplements, Pure Essentials are sold there as well and he is available for consultations.


While we might think of bio-availability as a signal sent out by attractive Hamptons singles on a Friday night, it actually is a process of allowing a speedy absorption from mouth through digestion to affecting the cells, a key of his Pure Essentials line.

Throughout the summer wellNEST will also be bringing in world renowned healing experts in different disciplines.  We’ll keep you posted.

Friday June 17 at 6:30 at the Boutique at 125 Main Street,  Aleta St. James, named one of the best energy healers in New York will be there for a book signing of Life Shift: Let Go and Live Your Dream.  She will also be available for individual sessions and a weekend seminar.

For more Information www.wellnest.us 631 899 4270

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