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Healthy Hamptons – Your New Health Coach Renata Petecka

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Healthy Hamptons

When you see the sixteen packets of sugar that represent how many grams of sugar are in your favorite bottled drink it’s easy to freak out.  I mean it’s not a milkshake for goodness sake —  it’s a bottled iced tea.  Renata Petecka is here at a seminar to explain to us just how important it is to read labels.  Renata takes a holistic approach to her health coaching business.  While weight loss (hello bikini season) is a major goal, she incorporates sleep, energy, fertility and stress reduction into the mix as well.  And speaking of mix, she has a smoothie recipe which will make you think raw kale is yummy.

Renata PeteckaWhile we may just be thinking of our belly fat, Renata is looking at our relationships, our careers, and our sense of spirituality.  She is dedicated to the personalized approach and devising a whole life balance.  Renata felt her health and wellness program is a natural fit with Ananas Spa in Southampton.

Trained at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, she studied over 100 different dietaries theory.  No just drinking grapefruit juice for a week.  Renata also expresses her system of “small goals” and “mindfulness” to make sustainable healthy changes, adding in the super foods instead of immediately putting clients on austerity programs.

‘I’ve tried it all myself,” she explains, trading in her own pattern of skipping meals for healthy shakes.

Along with personal sessions and emails she will even shop with her clients at the grocery store and give them recipes and cooking demonstrations.

ananas spa

Keep an eye out for the Ananas May specials Monday to Friday on everything from facials, to micro-dermabrasion to massage and mani pedis as well as discounted products at the spa boutique.  Be sure to sign up for their Loyalty Rewards program so you can be a frequent spa flyer and redeem services.

petecka.healthcoach.integrativenutrition.com, ananasspa.com  631-287-9099

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