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Only in the Hamptons…

Submitted by on May 5, 2011 – 12:10 pm107 Comments

Bridgehampton Polo

In the category of You Can’t Make This **** Up:

A sales clerk at a designer East Hampton boutique had wayyyy too many mojitos at lunch and stole not only some pricey garments but also all the cash in the register (do people actually still buy things with cash?)  He went on the lam and was chased on foot by police.  After the officer fell the criminal had the great idea to duck into a high end hair salon.

 The cutting edge Hamptons criminal mind figured if he lopped off all his long locks the police would never recognize him when he emerged with a crew cut.  And yes, he paid for the hair cut with cash and no, he didn’t escape.  If only he’d added on highlights as well.


Top notch real estate agents keep their listing signs looking pristine so one agent was shocked to find her For Sale sign riddled with bullet holes.  Perhaps sabotage by the agent who didn’t get the exclusive listing?  The seller who blames her for his failure to get asking price?  The mob wife who was considering it as a love nest while her hubby was still in jail?  Nope, just a little too close to the local hunting woods.  Bambi’s not the only one who has to watch her tail.


And speaking of real estate, there’s a new definition of a “tear down” namely a $43 million dollar estate which wasn’t quite big enough (6100 sq feet) and didn’t have the best views.  Well until someone figures out how to move the ocean, they’ll still have to move the house.


Looking to impress your new date with your wealthy Hamptonite status?  One rogue claimed to haunt local ATM machines looking for discarded receipts which showed large balances.  He would pull out these recycled receipts when meeting an attractive blonde writing down his “number” so to speak.

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