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Real Housewives House Hunting in Montauk

Submitted by on July 14, 2010 – 7:57 amNo Comment
Indrani, Bobby & Jill Zarin, Ed Bruehl

Indrani, Bobby & Jill Zarin, Ed Bruehl

Real Housewives photos courtesy of R. Cole for Rob Rich

Ever wonder where the Real Housewives of New York go house hunting?  We spotted Jill and Bobby Zarin and Alex McCord and Simon Van Kempen at the Panoramic View Resort and Residences checking out the newly renovated luxury units on the beach in Montauk.

Distinctive Management LLC and PRIME Real Estate teamed up to host this Exclusive Preview Fete of the Salt Sea units where the dress code was white, the drinks were pink – the NUVO L’Esprit de Paris sparkling liqueur, and the sky was well… not exactly azure blue…more dishwater grey.

Simon Van Kempen, Alex McCord

Simon Van Kempen, Alex McCord

Says Distinctive Ventures President Adam Manson, “We have good luck in the rain.  We’ve sold almost all our units in the snow or the rain.  It’s actually very romantic.”  Indeed we saw a few newly engaged couples checking it out.  Beware as the picturesque Panoramic resort has a fecund 50 year track record of inspiring offspring.

Panoramic 1

Spread out on its ten oceanfront acres, the Panoramic View has one to five bedroom units available from under $2 million to $6 million.  Perfect for a vacation home or as we found out, a super luxurious beach cabana for those whose mansions are not seaside and need an oceanfront escape.

Yael Goldbert, Eric Hartman, Jolie Warbet

Yael Goldbert, Eric Hartman, Jolie Warbet

Jill and Bobby Zarin with Jill’s guest Indrani of Double Exposure checked out the five bedroom trophy unit.  Given the fact that Jill is the master of the feminine wiles, we were looking to see if Bobby was reaching for his checkbook.



Matthew Bachrad, Meredith Schlosser

Matthew Bachrad, Meredith Schlosser

We took the tour and would have been happy just to move into one of the bathrooms with a hot plate, mini fridge, and curling iron.

PRIME New York real estate agents Meredith Schlosser and Matthew Bachrad pointed out that with local building rules it is rare to have such front and center, brand new, oceanfront property.  They noted the interest of people who are downsizing or who enjoy the low maintenance and full concierge service with pool and beach side attendants.  Also as an investment, units can be rented. 

Given the distance at the party of the Real Housewives, however, you probably won’t see them in side by side units borrowing sugar.

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