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Hamptons Yoga – We’re Looking For A Few “Inflexible” Good Men

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Hamptons Yoga

By Tracey Toomey

It’s not easy to get your boyfriend or husband on his knees – for cat/cow pose that is.  Take it from me – I’ve been practicing yoga for years, and my hubby has yet to step foot inside a yoga studio.  “I’m not flexible!” He protests.  “Yoga is for girls!” I turned to Rodney Yee, famous yoga teacher of Yoga Shanti in Sag Harbor, for some ideas on how us ladies can get their men to practice yoga with them and not just so they can see all those cute girls wearing tight clothing in downward dog. 


Rodney Yee

Rodney Yee

Hip Hamptons: How can women get their boyfriends interested in yoga?
Rodney Yee: Give them a carrot.  Tell them if you do this for me, I’ll do that for you, and if not I won’t.  (Laughs) I’m kidding.  Basically one of the main reasons boyfriends are not into yoga is partly because of the stereotype of yoga that one has to be flexible to be good.  Partly it’s our fault that the people who are propagating yoga aren’t talking about it in a way that’s interesting to the stereotypical male in out country.  The truth is, yoga can help us all concentrate better.  It can help him with his golf game.  It can help him to concentrate at his board meeting better. 


HH: Why is it so hard for us to get our boyfriends and husbands into their first yoga class?

RY: People are threatened by not knowing what it is, and a man has more stereotypical hurdles to overcome.  Men are used to having a physical prowess – if they’re not good at something physically, then they avoid it.  They don’t want to do it in public.


HH: How can we get them to get over it and just give it a try?
RY: One way that I’ve gotten a lot of men involved in yoga is through tapes targeted for them – yoga for abs, stuff like that.  Some men go to class, because their lower back is messed up and they hear yoga is good for helping that.  Once they’re in, they’re really in – there’s this hook.  Sometimes men get even more hooked than women.  


men yogaHH: What should we say to our men when they tell us they won’t go because they’re “not flexible?”

RY: Well to be honest, flexibility has nothing to do with yoga. In some ways, the tighter you are and the more limitations you have, it’s easier for you to find your center.  Yoga is much more about balance – you will get flexibility from it and that’s the great thing. Yoga will help you from getting injured from sports.  It’s the perfect cross training. It quiets the mind.  A lot of people tell me they can’t meditate because their mind is all over the place, when that’s the very reason you should begin to practice meditation!  This ADD that we all suffer from – yoga is a great way to stabilize that.  Yoga class is the perfect place to address those difficulties, to address balancing your strength with your flexibility.  You get better alignment, better muscular capability, and you concentrate better.   It helps in everything that we do, so why not work on the foundation of those things with yoga and your whole life will be better?


To take class with Rodney or any of the other fabulous teachers at Yoga Shanti go to http://www.yogashanti.com/.  32 Bridge Street and 23 Washington Street. Sag Harbor.  631.725.6424

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