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Full Moon Kayak – HipHamptons Top Pick

Submitted by on June 22, 2010 – 11:19 amOne Comment

Kayak 1

Truly one of the most memorable summer events is the Full Moon Kayak on Georgica Pond.  I guarantee you God is not at The Pink Elephant, He/She is hanging out here.  Lars Svanberg from Main Beach Surf & Sport in Wainscott teams up with Jessica Bellofatto of KamaDeva Yoga in East Hampton for the greatest combination since “you got chocolate in my peanut butter” or in this case “headstnd on my paddle board.” 

Wave to Steven Spielberg and Ron Perlman (or their security guards who are looking at you askance) as you paddle on the hallowed water of Georgica Pond across to the ocean beach where a beautiful bonfire will greet you and cold wine, cheese, and s’mores.  Those with great balance can try the paddle board, and those who really don’t want to work at all can bring someone along in a double kayak to do the work for them.

Rick of Main Beach Surf & Sport Rick of Main Beach Surf & Sport

Kayak 3

As the fire crackles and the sun sets, revelers gather together to do a proper howl at the moon.  It feels really good.  Say it with me – Awwwoooooooo.  

KamaDeva’s Jessica Bellofatto leads the group in a fireside yoga meditation which does truly make you feel connected to your spiritual self.  You can find it – really – it’s just underneath your total materialistic self.

You then paddle back to home base under the light of the moon.  Beware – couples have fallen in love on these evenings so don’t bring the guy or gal you’re trying to ditch.  Do bring a BFF, but make them get their own kayak so the friendship doesn’t dissolve over proper paddling issues.

Kayak 4

Bring layers as it can get chilly and feel free to bring your own provisions as well.  And not to worry, unless you’re a wound up Type A competitive personality, this can be a casual and easy crossing.

2010 Full Moon Kayaks are scheduled for:

Saturday June 26 at 6pm

Sunday July 25

Tuesday August 24

Reservations are mandatory and the cost is $75 per person or $45 if you have your own kayak, paddle board or sea plane.

Luckily you don’t necessarily need to wait for the full moon.  Get more info at or call 631-537-2716.

Kayak 5

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