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Get Hamptons Beach Bikini Ready – The Magic Muffin Top Cure

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bikini 3

For every woman who says, “Oops, summer is here and I forgot to stop drinking Chardonnay and eating carbs and have to be in a bathing suit this weekend,” there is ice running through her veins, and it’s not just the mocha frappe.  What winter months, Spanx, and strategically placed fleece blankets have kept hidden is emerging in the world and frightening ourselves, our boyfriends, and small children. 

muffin top muffin top

The dreaded muffin top.

While it is the best part of a freshly baked breakfast product, it is the worst part of the middle aged female anatomy.

Strangely this seems to creep up on us until we are found weeping on the floor of the harshly lit dressing room in a heap of discarded bikinis and need to gently be escorted out of the department store.

So before you hit the Hamptons beaches here are a few keys to what we call the HipHamptons Magic Muffin Top Cures.




Fans of Uptown Pilates in Manhattan and those who have never stepped foot inside a magic circle will both be pleased to know that Mika Street has opened Uptown Pilates in Sag Harbor on Main Street above the Paradise Café.  “I’m particularly excited to be in Sag Harbor with its personality and community feel,” she says.

Mika points out that Pilates is unique in the way it changes your body, working on body tone on a deep layer of muscle.  “You’re working your entire body all the time and you’re really lengthening it while you’re strengthening it so it changes the shape of muscle particularly in the waist which is the site of the muffin top.”  She has seen amazing changes in people’s bodies, “You feel taller after a session and find you’re sitting at a desk properly and then it changes the way your clothes fit and if you make it to 30 sessions you stick with it forever.”

“Our instructors who go through at least 600 hours of training are knowledgeable about the body and anatomy and know how to keep it challenging and interesting for all body types,” she explains, “We have modifications for beginners and still keep an advanced person challenged in a group class.”


Uptown Pilates Side Sit Up

Uptown Pilates Side Sit Up

The Muffin Top Special: The side sit-ups designed to lengthen the body and tone the side oblique muscles. 


You start with the foot of the hip you are resting on tucked behind the opposite leg to stabilize you, then place your hands either behind your head or on a bar with your arms extended over your head. You start sitting up and then stretch into the ‘barrel’ hollow area of reformer, lengthening your body the whole time and keeping your core engaged. You then lift up and bring your bend into your legs making sure not to collapse your body as you do that. Throughout the exercise you want to make sure that you keep your body straight like it is between two glass panes making sure not to let your hip or shoulders shift forward or back.


Seasonal sessions range from $35 for a group class to $105 for a private session with discount multi-class cards.  Also keep an eye out for her charity classes which she holds on the beach with a suggested donation of $25.  The studio also has organic clothes, props, and DVD’s for sale.


Uptown Pilates, 126 Main Street, Sag Harbor 631-725-5994, www.uptownpilates.com



Chris Cosich

Chris Cosich

Personal trainer Chris Cosich who is the Training Director for the Hamptons Gym Corp. has a passion for his work and takes an approach which may seem counter-intuitive.  He advocates heavy weight training for his female clients telling them that their fear of bulking up is unfounded as women don’t produce enough testosterone to build large muscles.  A body builder, he assures them, “You’re not going to look like me.”  Okay but can we still touch your biceps… pretty please.

As opposed to focusing on a particular what we’ll call unfortunate body part like the muffin top, his system is set up for overall weight loss and tone.  “Heavy weights are the only way to activate fast twitch muscle fibers, the most metabolically active muscle fibers,” he explains, where your weight loss continues even after the work out.

Another key component of his method is protein, 5-6 times a day, “Digestion of protein elevates your metabolism and aids in building lean muscle, the furnace that keeps your body burning calories.”  He encourages women to keep food diaries (does the bread on the table count?  How about gum?) and supplement with protein shakes such as Optimum Nutrition.

Cosich cites The American College of Sports Medicine and The American Medical Association to support his approach but feels his clientele is the best proof his system works, “You can ask the more than 15 women I’ve trained in the last two years who have lost 4-10 dress sizes amongst them,” he says. (Maybe we muffin toppers can ask for their designer hand me downs.)

Private Training Rates are $100 hour off peak and $120 peak


Chris Cosich

Cell: 917-579-5001




Anytime someone mentions a cleanse or a fast, we get nervous.  Isn’t the ten hours between the night cap Frangelico and morning latte enough?  Or do we have to live on a green algae sludge only Shrek would find intoxicating?

The two women who founded Blue Print Cleanse, Zoe Sakoutis and Erica Huss, have found a manageable and palatable way to experience a cleanse with their custom created juice products which offers varying levels of intensity depending on your dietary habits and history.

“It’s a user friendly system of cleansing set up to be practical for all nutritional lifestyles from the most austere of raw food acolytes to the burger-and-red-wine crowd looking to periodically offset the damages of their indulgences,” they explain.


A suggested muffin top cure cleanse is the 3 day Renovation Cleanse.

In a fast-by-numbers you drink juices 1 – 6 such as creamy cashew nut milk with vanilla and cinnamon, combination fruit juices like pineapple and mint, refreshing lemonades with agave nectar and nourishing green juices.  Hardly Shrek-like at all.


Blue Print Cleanse

Blue Print Cleanse

The goal of the cleanse is to, “gently rid your body of impurities, regain an alkaline balance and normalize digestion and metabolism.  Too often, a cleanse stirs up detox symptoms that are far too intense for the ‘average’ person.  BPC is designed for people that would like to give their insides a rest while simultaneously going on about their daily lives.”  Good if you’re not keen on passing out in the morning meeting or missing Mr. Right due to a killer toxic headache.

Yet they also make clear that you don’t jump in and out of the deep end.  There is a preparation process and a post process to follow and it doesn’t include steak and martini dinners at The Palm.

You can also use the juices as part of your daily routine after the cleanse.  They also make great cocktail mixers but you didn’t hear it from us.


The BPC Juices are $75 for each day’s worth for pick up or $85 shipped to your doorstep.  You can find BPC products in the Hamptons at Ride The Zone 65 Montauk Hwy, East Hampton, 688 Montauk Hwy, Watermill and Exhale in Bridgehampton, 2415 Montauk Hwy.






Okay for those who are reluctant to sweat or starve, there is a third alternative – spa.

The new A Studio Spa in East Hampton uses the French Women Don’t Get Fat So They Export It Here product line Guinot in their Anti-Cellulite Massage treatment.  We know they don’t have the problem overseas because there is no translation for Le Muffin Top.

Guinot Anti Cellulite

Guinot Anti Cellulite

In their anti-cellulite sculpting the expert massage is given by your beauty therapist (can we put her on speed dial please) using a Guinot Anti-Cellulite Oil which targets fatty deposits and refines the silhouette.  The detoxifying Essential Oils have a natural energy and penetrate effectively to act deep down in the skin to break down cellulite.

The exclusive complex called Delipogenase activates the release of fat cells and slows down the storage of new fat cells.  Remember fat cells are like bad boyfriends – as soon as you acquire them they are reluctant to leave.

Their Double Minceur Ciblee is the double slimming targeted treatment gel.  We wonder if this small tube is enough or if we could order it in a tub size.


The Anti-Cellulite Massage is $70.  A Studio Spa, 10 Main Street, East Hampton – 631-324-6996 www.astudiospa.com.


NOTE As with all diet and exercise programs you should always consult with a physician before starting anything and ask your boyfriend for his VISA to pay for it all.

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