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Hamptons Oceanfront Room with a “Panoramic View” – For less than you think

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Panoramic View Resort & Residences

Panoramic View Resort & Residences

So if you didn’t have the 8 mil to bid on Bernie Madoff’s Montauk beach house or couldn’t wrangle a weekend invite from De Niro or Ralph Lauren then how can you get a Hamptons’ oceanfront room with a private beach and a kick ass view of those famous surfin’ waves?

Private Beach

Private Beach

What if we told you that you can – and as for as little as $245 a night?  No, really.  Well okay that price only lasts until June  24 but then it’s still the great rate of $475 in high season.

The aptly named Panoramic View Resort & Residences delivers on its promise.  Head east on Route 27 to the rolling hills of the Old Montauk Highway to reach this 50 year old landmark resort.  Open the car door, take in a deep breath of refreshing salt sea air, and say, “Mine…all mine.”

Every hotel room has a view of the ocean and for those who love to BYOB or BYOC (coffee) there’s a cold refrigerator and a small kitchen in each unit.  While you don’t have the convenience of an on site restaurant, I guarantee you there is nowhere else in the Hamptons you can sit on your oceanfront deck enjoying a bottle of Veuve Clicquot and Beluga Caviar while wearing your new La Perla purchase without spending more than $400.  And yes the decks are private.

Panoramic Resort Room

Panoramic View Resort Room

Layered down the side of the scented Shadmoor covered cliffs of Montauk are clusters of ocean view studios, one/two bedroom rooms, and beachside cottages.  There is a heated pool with cabanas and a private beach with chairs, umbrellas and towel service as well as a well equipped gym.  Although with your private oceanfront beach, get off the frigging tread mill and walk in the waves.

Clearly Ian Schrager didn’t sleep here but in this case it’s not what’s on the inside that counts.  Whitewashed hotel rooms and retro bathrooms keep it very simple but they are not meant to be the star of the show.  That is the Atlantic Ocean.  Fog can sometimes drift in which can range from what one couple called “atmospheric” to what my date categorized as, “Wow you could murder someone in this.”  Luckily it usually burns off quickly.

Panoramic View Pool

Panoramic View Pool

There is a bit of a Hitchcock 39 Steps feel to the place (it’s famous for photo shoots) although it is actually 89 steps down to the beach from the top of the hill.  For those who don’t do steps for health or Manolo-Blahnik-wearing reasons, they are happy to give you a lift in a golf cart.


Panoramic View Residence

Panoramic View Residence

If you decide the 10 acre spot with its private 1,000 feet of pristine white sand is so magical that you want to live there – you are in luck (as long as your financial advisor was not former neighbor Madoff.)  In this Distinctive Ventures Property which acquired the resort in 2007 different buildings have been renovated into luxurious, first class condominiums – or technically condops – where your ocean view is literally forever.  The first development, “Hilltop,” was completed in ’09 and the beachside “Salt Sea” units are fresh off the presses with all custom detail and luxury appointments.  The units range from one through five bedrooms starting at under $2 million and about half have been sold so far.  The beauty is that they have on-site management which has a concierge service, porters, housekeeping, as well as the opportunity to rent your unit in 30 day or more increments.


Be forewarned.  The property is famous for producing future guests who were just the twinkle in their parents’ eyes when they first visited this romantic venue.  Proceed at your own risk.

Panoramic View Resort and Residences, 272 Old Montauk Hwy, Montauk NY http://www.distinctiveventures.com/panoramic-view – resort 631-668-3000.

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